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Welcome to Bali

Bali is Indonesia’s best loved destination, and it’s easy to see why. With its fascinating ancient Hindu culture, its spectacular range of artistic traditions, and its gorgeous green landscape, it is a tropical paradise second to none.

A few items that Bali becomes wellknown in the world are nice view like ricefield, mountain, beach, lake…., culture like dance, temple, many kind of festivals, ceremony, artistic tradition…, the atitude of balinesse people ; welcome, smilling, warm…and one of the important thing is balinese handy products.

Most of the visitor comes to bali is not only to enjoy with paradise island but in the same time having a bussiness with Balinese Handicraft Product.

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PT. Aura Bali Craft
Bali Handicraft Manufacture – engraved stone, river stone, glass and other – cast stone and resin – stone craft – home, office, and gift wares – sandblasting – retail, wholesale and made to order

Aurabalicraft is company which is producing product with combination between handy and technology. Handy product will show the product more on natural sence and technology will support the production more consistent and efficient in work. We run with Balinese artist and designer who have 9 years production. It’s located in central of wellknown place in Bali, that close to Denpasar, Kuta and Tabanan. You will find our factory, office and showroom very easy. We mentioned it as three in one that office, showroom and factory in one place.

Our main products are made from various of material such as stone, glass, ceramic, fiber, etc that be able to blast by sand. We call it sandblasting process. We are able to do casted product as well. Every products will looks more natural, unique, custom with this sandblasting process. The end of products are stone candle holder, stone incense holder, oil burner, game board , engraved stone and much more. Detail you will see on this web.

Interm of quality, this is our priority. A few thing that support our quality are experience artis/workers and designer, computerize design, quality management system, machine supporting and comfortable production place. All of them you will find in our company

Rather than quality , production capacity is caring much. We produce the product with targeting system , so the customer will happy with their exact date of delivery. We are considering is high capacity production which is able to produce such as engraved stone 15 – 20 thousand pcs a month.

To support requierment of client, we open custom design . Our designer and production development will assist the inquery of client. We always do product development both from customer and our own product. The product always follow the people trend, new model, and always develop according to customer requierment. We believe you will enjoy with our development.

Profile Company
8 year over experience and large production capacity.
Products with Balinese artist hand you can feel here.
Every product is produced with creative hands and touch of naturalistic sense.
Quality is our top care. Let us to realize your imagination with natural sense.

All kinds of products bellow are our specialist :
- Handicraft
- Art Glass Painted, Sandblasted & Engraved.
- Engraved Stone & Riverstone.
- Cast Stone & Resin.
- Games.
- Statuary.
- Water Fountains.
- Iron Art.
- Forever Candle.
- Gift, Souvenirs & Promotional Item.
- Home & Office Accessories.
- Spa Accessories.
- Corporate.

The Main Materials Use

A few materials are able to proceed in our production, such as :
- Glass & Bottle
- Rock, Stone & Riverstone
- Bricks Stone, Granite & Terrazzo
- Sand
- Marble
- Iron\Metal
- Wood
- Terracota
- Ceramic
- Resin
- Wax / Candle
- Leather
- Shell
- & other

Location & Facilities
- 30 minute from airport, 15 minute from Kuta Beach.
- 26 square meter area building and factory.
- 60,000 KVA electricity.
- 24 hour internet wireless broadband.
- 100 people employee.

Lead Time Productions
Average from 2 until 12 weeks
(depending on the items ordered & quantity ordered)

Quality Control System
Our internal quality control (QC) system is based on checking piece by piece not random. We check our production starting from the raw materials until the production has finished. Our QC Inspector, which we called them production supervisor, hey are the ones who responsible for checking our products at our sub contractor’s places before delivering them to our warehouse.

We will give our exclusivity to our customers for any kind of products purchased from us if our customers
concerned order in the reasonable quantities (ar round 10.000 pieces / sets each style or more)

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