Driftwood Simply Rectangle Glass Windchime

driftwood simply rectangle glass windchime
608 RG BL 151

Handcrafted in Aura Bali Craft, the genuine sea glass pieces in this set of chimes make the most soothing sound. Strung with clear wire from the monkey wood hanger, the glass reflects light and moves gently in the wind creating a perfect ambience for your outdoor or indoor space.

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One Response to Driftwood Simply Rectangle Glass Windchime

  1. Hello!

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork! I enjoyed reading your description about it as well.

    I am an artisan living in San Diego with my own growing arts and crafts business. In addition to my other creations, I have for a long time been been interested in creating windchimes myself and am curious to find out how you were able to drill holes in the sea glass for this piece. I have a hefty stash of stained glass that I would love to use to make windchimes.

    Thank you,