706 Games – Zen Garden

A Japanese rock garden = “karesansui”, sometimes called a Zen garden, is an enclosed shallow sandpit containing sand, gravel, rocks, and occasionally grass and/or other natural elements. The main elements of karesansui are rocks and sand, with the sea symbolized not by water but by sand raked in patterns that suggest rippling water. Plants are much less important (and sometimes nonexistent) in many karesansui gardens. To maintain such gardens means that the plants, rocks, or other focal points are on occasion moved, turned or removed altogether. The gravel is occasionally raked smooth and re-raked to create new lines if weather or human elements disturb the lines. Rock garden creation and maintenance is considered to be an art form. Karesansui gardens are often, but not always, meant to be viewed from a single, seated position.

In the western world, table top rock gardens are becoming popular for those who can not have a full rock garden outside. They are also popular for work places as it is thought that they can relieve stress.

We are producing unique and specialy game zen garden with black gift box, good for gift and collection.
Material : natural stone, river stone, glass, cast stone, slate stone, sand, bamboo, wooden and other.
Detail information, pelase click http://www.aurabalicraft.com/706.htm

RG GY 001
Zen Garden – Rectangle – Stone Base Gray- with Gift Box
RG CR 001
Zen Garden – Rectangle – Stone Base Cream – with Gift Box
RG FR 001
Zen Garden – Rectangle – Glass Base – with Gift Box
RG BK 002
Zen Garden – Rectangle – Cast Stone Base – with Gift Box
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