702 Game – Tic Tac Toe

No one is sure where Tic-Tac-To exactly originated from, but what is known is that it has underwent several changes before becoming the modern version today. Originally known as Three Mens Morris, it’s name varies depending on where you are in the world. In England – Nought and Cross. In Japan – Renju, although not actually created by the Japanese, but rather by the Chinese. This game date back to more than 4.000 years ago. Around 270 BC. Chinese migrants arrived with this game, and the popularity of it soon spread. However, recent studies have brought about another theory, this one originating in ancient Egypt.

It is claimed that diagram for three-in-a-row games were child into the roof slabs of the temple to the egyptian pharaoh Seti I about the year 1300 BC.

‘’Linea’ and ‘Tabula’ have been the known names for this game in France and Italy, respectively; In German it is called Muhle, and besides the term Three Men’s Morris, England also had a secondary term, Mill. Both Mill and Morris have the possibility of the being a lingustic adaption of the word ‘Moor’, which is the name of the Egyptians thought to have introduced this game into Europe during the times of the Middle Ages.
Without a doubt, it scarcely matters where this game has originated, for its a relatively simpler game than most others.

The Play
Select a stone colour and who’s to start first.
A player simply puts a stone on one of the nine squares.
A player may only place a stone on one square per turn, and only in their chosen colour.
Once all the above conditions are met, the turn ends. the turn then passes to the other player, and he will undergo the same process. it is not allowed to pass or skip your turn in this game.

The Objective
The main objective in this game is to have a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of 3 stones that belong to you. No enemy stones can be in the way, and the 3 stones MUST be in three different squares. Notice that there are three different ways to get 3 in a row for horizontal and vertical rows, but only 2 for diagonal. Once you meet this goal, you win the game. the other person, obviously, loses.
In the event that all the squares have been filled up and no person has gotten three of their symbols in a row, the game is a draw, often referred to as a ‘cats game’.

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game - glass tic tac toe
RG FR 001
Tic Tac Toe – Glass Board – with Gift Box
game - stone tic tac toe
RG CR 002
Tic Tac Toe – Palimanan Board – with Gift Box
game - stone tic tac toe
RG GY 003
Tic Tac Toe – Slate Ambon – with Gift Box
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