701 Game – Dominoes

The game of dominoes traces its roots back to both China and Europe. The European, or Western, game probably originated in Italy and later gained widespread Popularity across Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. A western set contains 28 dominoes: 21 tiles representing all combinations of a pair of dice, six tiles containing blanks – zero and one tile with two blanks – double zero. Many variations of dominoes are played around the world. These instructions outline one of the more basic Western games called Draw.

Dominoes is a game of calculation and strategy played by two, three or four players. The object of the game of Drwa is to bethe first player to play all his dominoes and score points. The first player to reach 100 points wins the game.

Setup for the Draw Game
Dominoes is played on any table or flat surface, both indoors and outdoors. Because these dominoes are made from cast marble we recommend playing on a scratch- resistant surface.

Instructions – Draw game

Shuffle the dominoes, keeping them face down and mixing well.

Players draw their dominoes from the pile, keeping them hidden from all opponents. Iftwo players are competing, each player receives seven dominoes. If three or four are competing. each player receives five dominoes. The remaining dominoes stay in the middle and become the stock or “boneyard”.

The player with the highest double – 6:6, etc. starts a round. This can be determined by asking all opponents, “does anyone have a double six and so on. In the event that no player has a double, plyaers shuffle and draw again.

After the player with the highest double places his domino, the turn rotates clockwise. The next player tries to play a domino by matching a number to the double. He places his domino perpendicluar to the center domino. if a playr cannot play a domino, he draw from the boneyard until he can play. If the boneyard is empty, he posses’s.

Players continue to take turns clockwise in the some maner asdescribe above. Each domino is played to an open end and must match numbers. A layout always has two open ends, sprouting from the center domino. Dominoes are placed lengwise, except double which are placed crosswise.

The round ends when a player dominoes plays all his dominoes. He scores points for the spots on his opponents remaining dominoes. Around also can end if all players pass in a trun. In this case the players with the least spots wins and scores points for all the spots on his opponents remaining dominoes.

The first player to reach 100 points wins the game.

Stone Dominoes
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games - stone dominoes
RG GY 001
Dominoes – Oval Grey – with gift box
games - stone dominoes
RG WH 001
Dominoes – Oval White – with gift box – set
games - stone dominoes
RG GY 002
Dominoes – Square Grey – with gift box – set
games - stone dominoes
RG WH 002
Dominoes – Square White – with gift box – set
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