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About Bali - "Welcome to Bali Handicraft Manufacture"
Bali is Indonesia's best loved destination, and it's easy to see why. With its fascinating ancient Hindu culture, its spectacular range of artistic traditions, and its gorgeous green landscape, it is a tropical paradise second to none.

A few items that Bali becomes wellknown in the world are nice view like ricefield, mountain, beach, lake...., culture likedance, temple, many kind of festivals, ceremony, artistic tradition..., the atitude of balinesse people ; welcome, smilling, warm...and one of the important thing is balinese handy products.

Most of the visitor comes to bali is not only to enjoy with paradise island but in the same time having a bussiness with Balinese Handicraft Product.

bali handicraft manufacture

PT. Aura Bali Craft

Aurabalicraft is company which is producing product with combination between handy and technology. Handy product will show the product more on natural sence and technology will support the production more consistent and efficient in work. We run with Balinese artist and designer who have 9 years production. It's located in central of wellknown place in Bali, that close to Denpasar, Kuta and Tabanan. You will find our factory, office and showroom very easy. We mentioned it as three in one that office, showroom and factory in one place.

Our main products are made from various of material such as stone, glass, ceramic, fiber, etc that be able to blast by sand. We call it sandblasting process. We are able to do casted product as well. Every products will looks more natural, unique, custom with this sandblasting process. The end of products are stone candle holder, stone incense holder, oil burner, game board , engraved stone and much more. Detail you will see on this web.

Interm of quality, this is our priority. A few thing that support our quality are experience artis/workers and designer, computerize design, quality management system, machine supporting and comfortable production place. All of them you will find in our company

Rather than quality , production capacity is caring much. We produce the product with targeting system , so the customer will happy with their exact date of delivery. We are considering is high capacity production which is able to produce such as engraved stone 15 - 20 thousand pcs a month.

To support requierment of client, we open custom design . Our designer and production development will assist the inquery of client. We always do product development both from customer and our own product. The product always follow the people trend, new model, and always develop according to customer requierment. We believe you will enjoy with our development.

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June 29th, 2009
Bali Accesories and Jewelry
- necklace, pendant, earing, bangle, bracelet, rings and hairpin.
Blog - Bali Accesories and Jewelry

June 27th, 2009
Seahorse River Stone

June 16th, 2009
Fish Bluish Glass Wind Chime

June 12th, 2009
Driftwood Simply Rectangle Glass Windchime
Driftwood Leave Glass Windchime - Greenish
Driftwood Leave Glass Windchime

June 5th, 2009
River Stone L Shape Lamp with Buddha Meditation
Aesthetic River Stone Lamp

May 27th, 2009
Drift Wood - Glass Wind chime - Long Series
Glass Wind Chime
“Om Mani Padme Hum” Design

March 11th, 2009
Riverstone Tealight Candle Holder - New Style
Tealight Candle

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